From raw material to finished product, our steps of production are rigorously monitored. Quality management is of utmost importance to us as a Premier Contract Manufacturer, and this not only gives our clients peace of mind but ensures reliability throughout the entire production processes.

With more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, Centrx knows quality assurance. Without our rigorous quality assurance measures and standards for only the best, Centrx would not be the company it is today.

Centrx is a full service manufacturing company, so our services span the entire spectrum of manufacturing and machining, serving many industries including:

  • Automotive
  • Material Handling
  • Automation
  • Energy
  • Rail and Mobility
  • Industrial
  • Defense

These industries are known for their precision requirements and for their needs to be exact, precise, and to satisfy the demands of the fields. Centrx understands the need for quality assurance, and with rigorous testing and fail-safe measures throughout every stage and in every aspect of our manufacturing, we make sure to provide only the very best product for our clients. We eliminate and prevent defects and mistakes in our products, making sure what we provide to our clients is exactly what is asked for.

Being a Premier Contract Manufacturer means never cutting corners, especially when it comes to our quality assurance measures. The goal of Centrx is to not only meet but to exceed any and all specifications, engineering, and manufacturing standards.

We utilize advanced technologies and pioneer advancements in the manufacturing field. In every service, every industry we serve, in every step of the way, making sure our services are above and beyond excellent is the most important thing to Centrx.