Why is Proper Installation of SCR Power Controllers Important?

The chances are that you don’t give much thought to SCR clamps when purchasing or installing SCR power controllers – but this is a mistake. Although they

SCR Power Controllers Drawings of Custom Solid Body SCR Clamp Types

Proper operating temperature and heat transfer will optimize life expectancy of SCR devices, which is ensured by quality SCR clamps and effective installation.

might seem like just a relatively unimportant afterthought, SCR clamps and their proper installation are actually vital to the proper functioning and long life of SCR power controllers. Particularly for Hockey Puk SCR’s, the choice of appropriate SCR clamps and their proper installation is essential. As with all electronic devices, the lower the operating temperature of SCR power controllers, the greater its life expectancy will be. In order to ensure proper heat transfer and to maintain the proper operating temperature for your SCR device, you must have the proper SCR clamps and they must be installed and tightened properly. Otherwise, you will experience problems.

Different Types of SCR Devices and Manufacturers

Just as there are many different types of SCR devices, there are different types of SCR clamps and some are easier to install properly than others. First, you must match your clamps to the type of SCR device that you want to install. Then, you must make sure that they are calibrated properly in order to assure proper heat diffusion within SCR power controllers. If you install the wrong clamps and/or you don’t calibrate them properly and install them properly, SCR power controllers may not operate at the proper temperature and this could easily cause premature failure.

Although there are many different types of mechanical packages used by SCR manufacturers, the two most common ones which rely on proper installation of the SCR clamps in order to work properly, are the SCR module and the SCR power controller. Those are the two that we will use for examples of how and why to properly install the clamps in order to assure proper heat distribution and maximum device lifetime.

SCR power controllers may contain anywhere from 1 to 6 SCR’s and diodes. The most common, features two SCR’s and therefore has the flexibility to beWoman in a white blouse hold an SCR Clamp she is facing the camera and smiling, she has long dark curly hair used either alone, in a single phase AC application, or can be arranged with two other SCR’s for three-phase AC or DC applications. They use a slightly curved base. When the SCR is properly tightened to the heatsink, the base flattens out and thus ensures a proper thermal connection. The SCR Power Controllers are electronically isolated from the base. This mechanical connection is strictly for thermal conductivity and no electricity is transmitted from the base to the heatsink. This means that you must be sure to apply heatsink thermal compound to the module’s base.

Depending on the manufacturer, the electrical power connections will either be small-machined threaded inserts, or thin bus bars. If the connection is too loose, it will cause the connection point to overheat and lead to premature failure of SCR power controllers. On the other hand, if the connection is too tight, then this can stress the module internally and cause premature failure. Therefore, it is extremely important to ensure the proper power flow, by getting the proper torque on these connections. You should consult the manufacturer, to get the proper torque ratings for both the base mounting and the electrical connections as well.

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SCR Clamps

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