As a Premier Contract Manufacturer, the client’s needs come first. Centrx tailors the services we provide based on our client’s specific needs and provide individualized manufacturing services that differ based on what is needed. That’s why consultations with Centrx include things like:

Improved Workflow Processes. Integral to being a Premier Contract Manufacturer, no matter a client’s needs, the workflow will be analyzed, designed, improved and tailored to the needs of each project and each client.

Lean Manufacturing Techniques. ‘Manufacturing’ is a blanket term that covers a broad spectrum of techniques and processes. As a Premier Contract Manufacturer, Centrx utilizes all these and more, not only that but employs the most efficient, cost effective, and highest quality manufacturing techniques.

For a full list of services provided see Page Four “Full Service Manufacturing.”

Improved workflow processes and lean manufacturing techniques allow for:

Reduced Costs. While price shouldn’t be the only thing considered when choosing a contract manufacturer, it’s definitely important. Cost to value ratio is just as vital, and with a Premier Contract Manufacturer that makes use of better work flow and lean manufacturing techniques like Centrx, customers can have confidence in knowing that the cost to value ratio is excellent.

Less Inventory. Less inventory means less cost of materials, less complication, and less headache–for the contract manufacturer and resulting in lower costs for our clients.

Higher Quality. Employing lean manufacturing techniques requires being up to date on the latest and greatest. If a manufacturing technique is outdated, it’s most likely because it’s no longer up to par with the current standards. Along with improved workflow, quality of product rises to the best with Centrx.

Reduced Lead Time. Quality is more important than speed, but if a contract manufacturer can provide the shortest lead time possible without compromising the quality in any way at all, that’s the ideal. Improved workflow processes and manufacturing techniques allow Centrx to do just that.
Centrx takes pride in being a Premier Contract Manufacturer–that means never cutting corners, and providing customized, tailored services for each and every client.