Precision Clamp’s Commitment to You

At Precision Clamp, our customers are as important as our employees, from the CEO down to the manufacturing technician, and any other aspect of our business.

Our Promise

We are committed to holding each and every customer service interaction to the same rigorous standards that we hold all of our manufactured parts and machinery to. It is our sincere belief that, in addition to the quality and performance of our SCR Heat Sink and SCR Clamps, it is our customer service that transforms a satisfied and happy customer into a long-term business partner. You can count on Precision Clamp to manufacture reliable and long-lasting parts, while providing invaluable advice and guidance on how to keep your businesses safe and profitable.

American Made

Precision Clamp, a subsidiary of internationally recognized Centrx Inc., is also committed to manufacturing all of our parts in the United States of America, providing a level of dependability and attention to detail that our foreign competitors simply cannot match.

When you purchase an SCR Heat Sink or SCR Clamp from Precision Clamp, you can guarantee that you are purchasing a quality, thoroughly-tested piece of equipment that was manufactured by industry-leading American workers, using only top-quality parts and state-of-the-art equipment. When you purchase an SCR Heat Sink or SCR Clamp from foreign companies, you are left to worry what shortcuts were taken during the manufacturing process and how this places your workers, facilities, and business at risk.

In addition, Precision Clamp promises to make the use of green manufacturing technologies a priority when designing SCR Heat Sinks and SCR Clamps for your business. Our team is focused on minimizing our environmental impact by reducing waste, increasing energy efficiency in the manufacturing process, and to produce products using ecologically sound materials whenever possible.

Corporate Culture

We believe that a great corporate culture is the foundation for a great customer service experience. That is why our primary focus as a company is ensuring that every single employee in our organization understands how important their role in the manufacturing and client process is. Each employee, from line technicians to corporate leadership, understands how our products are made, how they operate, and how they affect our client’s machinery and business needs. This means that every employee has your business interests at heart throughout the manufacturing process, not just at the point of sale.

We understand that an SCR Heat Sink or SCR Clamp, while relatively small components physically, are vitally important to the safe and efficient operation of your SCR controller. Just one incident of overheating or a physical breakdown could do unspeakable damage to your equipment and your business. So when you make the decision to choose an SCR Heatsink or SCR Clamp manufacturer, shouldn’t you choose the team who cares about your business every step of the way?

committed to quality customer service in manufacturing